Cross Lane Trip ViaSewu to Sewu, CemoroKandang to CemoroKandang, CandiCetho to CandiCetho
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This time, XploreWisata team would like to give you an offering cross lane trip in Lawu climbing. They are going up via CemoroSewu and going down via CemoroSewu, going up via CemoroKandang and going down via CemoroKandang, and going up via Cetho temple going down via Cetho temple.

What is cross lane trip? Cross lane trip is a term that is used to give information which shows the different lane for going up and going down in mountain climbing. This method is chosen for giving more experiences in one movement climbing.

In Indonesia, there is a mount that are not allowed to use this method because this method has a high risk. Cross lane trip in Lawu climbing has not been allowed after a fire in the end of 2015 which has left a victim. In other word, we have a permission to use this method after we involve SAR team. For more information about this trip, you can check on

Trip summary Cetho Temple to Cetho Temple
Location                                  : Lawu Mount, Central Java, East Java
Trip duration                           : 2 days 1 night (2D 1N)
Post Camp Recommendation : Post 5 /SendangDrajat
Meeting Point                         : Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang (agreement reached)
Water available                       : Water source in SendangDrajat

Day 01
07.00               Groups should have arrived at meet point that is being in agreement reached
07.00-09.00     Groups go to Lawu climbing basecamp in Cetho temple lane or CemoroKandang lane
09.00-10.00     Brunch, briefing, and tracking preparation
10.00-17.30     Go to campsite (post 05/ SendangDrajat)
17.30-04.00     Enjoy sunset, take a rest, dinner

Day 02
04.00-04.30     Summit attack preparation
04.30-05.30     Summit Attack at HargoDumilah
05.30-07.00     Enjoy a beautiful sunrise at HargoDumilah summit
07.00-10.00     Go to post 03 via Cetho Temple
10.00-11.00     Lunch and take a rest
11.00-16.00     Go to Cetho Temple basecamp
16.00-17.00     Dinner, take a rest
17.00-20.00     Go to meeting point (Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang)
20.00-21.00     Culinary tour at finishing point
21.00-22.00     Go to airport or train station

The itinerary can be changed any time
Tracking via Cetho Temple lane is the best view for enjoying the spectacular view of Lawu.
Cross lane trip is not insurance

The facilities that are provided are equal with the budgeting, but we inform you that the necessity for cross lane trip spent money more than one lane climbing.
  • Transportation to the meeting point-basecamp climbing-finishing point
  • Professional guide
  • Professional porter
  • Equipment (tent, mattress, fly sheet, kitchen and dining utensils for pass)
  • Logistic (vegetable, fruit, rice, snack)
  • Communication tools (HT, Walkie Talkie)
  • First Aid Kit
  • SAR Team
  • Documentation (Action Camp, Pocket Camera, DSLR Camera, Drone)
  • Private porter
  • Tipping guide, porter